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Summary of the April 2024 ONS data release on construction output in the UK

Summary of the April 2024 ONS data release on construction output in the UK


In the ever-changing world of the construction sector, keeping up with the most current trends and data is crucial for making informed decisions. Recently, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) released its analysis of construction output in Great Britain for February 2024, presenting valuable insights into the industry's performance. Here's a breakdown of their report.

Key Findings:

1. Monthly Output Trends:

February 2024 witnessed a 1.9% decrease in construction output, following a 1.1% increase in January. This fluctuation underscores the dynamic nature of the industry, influenced by various factors such as weather conditions and market demand.

2. Sector Analysis:

Diving deeper, the data reveals sector-specific trends, with eight out of nine sectors experiencing declines. Notably, private commercial new work saw a substantial 4.0% decrease, signalling potential challenges in the commercial construction segment.

3. Three-Month Outlook:

Zooming out to assess the broader trend, the overall construction output decreased by 1.0% in the three months leading to February 2024. While new work experienced a notable 3.0% fall, repair and maintenance sectors showed resilience with a 1.6% increase.

Factors Impacting Output:

External factors, such as heavy rainfall, contributed to delays and decreased output in February 2024. Understanding these influences is crucial for anticipating short-term fluctuations and adapting business strategies accordingly.

Response Rates and Bias Adjustments:

With response rates showing improvement compared to previous years, the reliability of the data is reinforced. Furthermore, ongoing reviews in methodology underscore the commitment to ensuring accurate and transparent reporting.

Differences with GDP Estimates:

It's essential to note the distinctions between monthly GDP and construction output estimates, as highlighted in the ONS release. These variations provide valuable insights into the broader economic landscape and require nuanced interpretation.


The ONS data release on construction output offers a comprehensive snapshot of the industry's performance, highlighting challenges and opportunities. Some of these include Inherent volatility, regulatory changes and external factors such as weather. By leveraging these insights, industry professionals can navigate market dynamics more effectively and drive sustainable growth.

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