Mapei accessories, including Mapenet, Mapeband PE120, Mapeband TPE170, and TPE325, are integral components in construction and waterproofing systems offered by Mapei, a leading global manufacturer of construction materials. 

  • Mapei accessories, such as Mapenet, Mapeband PE120, Mapeband TPE170, and TPE325, are crucial elements in Mapei's construction and waterproofing systems.
  • They are developed to elevate the effectiveness and longevity of different applications.
  • Specifically engineered for tiling, waterproofing, and building protection.
  • Mapei is recognized as a top-tier global producer of construction materials.

Mapei accessories

Mapenet is a reinforcing mesh used in combination with Mapei's waterproofing and crack-isolation membranes. It reinforces and strengthens surfaces, providing additional support to prevent cracks and ensure the longevity of tiled areas. This mesh is especially beneficial in high-stress environments, such as commercial or high-traffic areas.

Mapeband PE120 is a flexible, preformed polyethylene tape used for sealing joints and connections in waterproofing applications. It ensures a watertight seal, contributing to the overall effectiveness of waterproofing systems, particularly in areas prone to water exposure.

Mapeband TPE170 and TPE325 are thermoplastic waterproofing tapes used for various applications, including sealing expansion joints and connections. These tapes offer flexibility, durability, and effective waterproofing, making them suitable for both interior and exterior use.

Overall, Mapei accessories contribute to the reliability and performance of construction projects by providing specialized solutions for waterproofing, reinforcement, and joint sealing, aligning with Mapei's commitment to innovation and quality in the construction industry.

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